About US

We're not hippies. Really.

Summer 2018.

Summer 2018.

What we are, however, is a modern husband and wife duo raising four (yes, 4) rambunctious, creative, amazing sons, and an old lady pooch. And aside from the copious quantities of meaty doggie kibble the baby keeps mooching, all six of us are vegan. We also aspire to zero waste, but happily settle for the less stifling as-little-waste-as-possible sort of approach to garbage.

We started House of Starling because everyone, friends and strangers alike, always asks us what we feed our kids, exclaiming, “If they didn’t eat meat and cheese my kids wouldn’t eat anything!” We’ve already been there and gone through the trouble so you don’t have to. Tried and tested, reworked and perfected, we only post 4-boy-approved recipes, (aka the holy grail of parenthood). And we throw in some modern sustainability practices too.

House of Starling is a lifestyle blog about our family's struggle with keeping it green. We take a modern approach to sustainability, offering real life, practical advice to easily make your family a bit greener... 100% free of lifestyle-crushing hippy ideas.


So… what’s in a name?

Like a murmuration of starlings, together we're just better.