The Only Low Waste Gift Inspo You'll Ever Need

Forget that last minute frenzied trip to Marshall’s hoping for a gift giving gold medal win. This is how you think outside the box. It’s greener here. And more awesome. I promise.

Now that you’re Black Friday shopped out, let’s green up the rest of your list. Wondering what to get your in-laws, significant other, co-workers, or neighbours? Here’s a Top 10 round-up of our favourite gift ideas for everyone in your life who is adulting hard. Looking for gift ideas for the smalls in your life? I’ve got you covered right here.

Relax, You’ve got this.

1.       Give experiences, not presents

·         Movie Theatre Gift Cards

·         A ticket to go Rock Climbing, Horseback Riding, or Skiing together

·         Restaurant gift card

·         A bike tour for two

·         A wine-tasting

·         A golf date

·         Bouldering date

·         Beach clean-up date

·         Join your local nature conservancy for a noxious weed pulling party


2.       Annual Memberships

·         Annual Memberships to an outdoors club, sailing club or kayaking group

·         An annual Parks Canada Pass

·         Monthly climbing/bouldering gym membership

·         Monthly recreation pass or gym membership


3.       Classes or a Workshop to something they love, would love to try or improve. Think, something that gives people the chance to develop a skill as well as indulging in a hobby or passion.

·         Cooking

·         Pottery

·         Art

·         Dance

·         Surfing

·         Yoga

·         Golf

·         Rock climbing / bouldering

·         Bike Maintenance class

·         Auto repair class

·         Carpentry course

·         Computer programming

·         Photography

·         Flower arranging

·         Writing workshop


4.       Online subscriptions:

·          Texture

·          Spotify

·         Apple music

·         Netflix

·         Scribd


5.       Gift Certificates

·         So they can buy what they actually want

·         Or better yet, get creative and give them a deluxe tune up for their bike, or camera maintenance package, or the entry fee for favourite race. The stuff we always mean to do but never quite get there.


6.       Books

·          Now who wouldn’t love a carefully chosen book. I’ll take two please. And I read everything. Vintage or second-hand for extra points. In a sea of gifts that aren’t actual things this may seem out of place. We’re just huge fans of books and can’t imagine that these wouldn’t fit into a green lifestyle. Books are always a win.


7.       Buy pre-loved!

·         Speaking of second-hand: a killer vintage camera, typewriter, or fountain pen would hit the mark. Or serving ware, set of stemware, or coffee mugs from way back when would also do nicely. Used does not mean cheap. Used means Thoughtful Awesome Hipster Gift-Giver.


8.       Things we all need

·         If a physical gift is in order, we give modern cloth shopping bags, thermoses, to-go coffee mugs, stainless steel water bottles, vegan purses – but awesome versions that maybe we wouldn’t spring for ourselves.


9.       The Not-So-Secret Santa

·         Rather than give small throwaway gifts to everyone, combine and conquer! Have fun, save money, and get a gift you actually want with a friends-and-family Secret Santa. Pool together the office-mates you usually exchange with, or the neighbours that leave something on your doorstep on Christmas Eve. Put names in a hat but ask everyone to add a hint of what they would like too.


10.   Shop smart

·         Our #1 rule to always follow is to Shop Smart. Carefully plan what you’re going to buy before you buy, and always always always shop with a list. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike at the store. Do not deviate from the list at all costs. The list is everything.