A Round Square Meal

What on earth to vegans eat anyway for a quick mid-week meal?

Forget the complicated 10-step recipes, with four boys there’s just no time. This is what we eat most weeknights. No more boring square meals: go round. This is our four-boy-approved dinner formula:

  • a grain or starch - usually brown rice or quinoa for us, or sometimes oven-roasted potatoes or noodles. I always add a vegan stock cube to the grains for a bit of added flavour.

  • veggies - plain steamed or oven roasted and enough to fill up half the meal. Try balsamic roasted mediterranean veggies, or root veggies with a traditional steak spice mix.

  • protein - we generally choose oven baked tofu, chickpeas, nuts, or blackbeans. The boys especially love baked marinated tofu: 1:1 tamari + apple cider vinegar, or 1:1 tamari + sesame seed oil are favourites.

  • sauce - always on the side, and only if needed. A lemon-tahini sauce is always a hit, or a miso-soy drizzle. So good.

  • crunch - some sesame or sunflower seeds, garlic breadcrumbs, fresh herbs, or a handful of nuts. Think: something to add a bit of colour and texture.

Pop it all in a bowl, leaving the dressing on the side for everyone to add their own. We always have six empty bowls after this meal. It’s just good, simple, uncomplicated food.