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The Only Low Waste Gift Inspo You'll Ever Need

Forget the last minute frenzied trip to Marshall’s hoping for a gift giving gold medal win. This is how you think outside the box. It’s greener here. And more awesome. I promise.

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Testing. Testing. Can anybody hear me?

And for that I am very sorry. It turns out that my husband throwing out his back to the tune of an emergency 911-call coupled with my burgeoning fourth pregnancy – hello crippling nausea – is just too much for this gal to handle. Something had to give. Though I think we’re happily back on track now.

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The first steps to living a zero waste lifestyle

The first step to getting your green on definitely involves picking up some swag. Now this swag is temptingly easy to pick up on or some other online retailor – a few clicks and a few days and you have a cardboard box filled with everything you need to truly green up your lifestyle. Plus the new stuff is so beautiful… eco-friendly things are getting more and more

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