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The Only Low Waste Gift Inspo You'll Ever Need

Forget the last minute frenzied trip to Marshall’s hoping for a gift giving gold medal win. This is how you think outside the box. It’s greener here. And more awesome. I promise.

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A wildly offensive rant? No way!!

This week I was asked to give a small talk about modern sustainability. Here’s the friendly, sit-and-read-on-your-phone Sunday morning version of my talk. It’s a great summary of what we do and why we do it.

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The Minimalist Guide to a Zero Waste Kitchen

Paring down what you have, plus a few simple swaps, is a great beginning for a zero waste minimalist kitchen. We don’t suggest buying new if you still have perfectly serviceable items in your home. But when it’s time to replace, look for modern plastic-free quality items that you really love. Here’s a few things to…

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